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 The Site for Bubs Born Early, their Parents, Family and Friends and Home to The BubBE Book...an NICU Journal
Welcoming a baby into the world is an extraordinary experience in itself...however the arrival of a baby prematurely can make it utterly overwhelming!  The BubBE Book and this site have been created to provide a source of information, inspiration, guidance and hope for the family and friends of Bubs Born Early, otherwise known here as BubBE's.
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A book created to provide parents of a premature child with a 'baby book' unique to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) experience.  
Unique window clings, such as the Bub Born Early On Board Bumper Sticker    (shown left) and a whole collection of clings with which you can adorn your childs isolette (such as the one shown below) are available for purchase here.

The author of The BubBE Book is the mother of a 23 weeker. Find out more about her family's extraordinary journey through the NICU and beyond.
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Entering the NICU for the first time can be a very daunting experience. We have some tips to help you survive the journey.
When you enter the NICU for the first time it may seem like the doctors and nurses are speaking another language! Bring yourself up-to-date with the NICU lingo using our glossary.
Every premature baby experience is unique. Share your story with us. Read other BubBE stories here
Find links to premature baby support group, clothing, nappy and clothes pattern websites internationally.
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